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Steve Topham, Chair of NFCC PPE/Clothing Committee

Steve Topham

Chair of NFCC PPE/Clothing Committee

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Steve joined Humberside Fire and Rescue Service in 1995, and his first posting was on Red Watch at Cromwell Road fire station in Grimsby. Steve has gained broad experience across a wide range of functions undertaking a variety of roles within the Service covering operations, training, safety and supporting functions.

In September 2015, he was promoted to the role of Director and was responsible for Public Safety Central Support, Emergency Preparedness, ICT, Fleet and Equipment, Estates, Workshops, Water Supplies, Stores, and the Service Support Centre.

Steve has recently been promoted to Corporate Management Team as Assistant Chief Fire Officer within Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service.

In addition to a range of responsibilities as a strategic leader, other responsibilities include leading a wide range of functions, including Prevention, Protection and Organisational Support. Required to provide cover and respond as a strategic (Gold) commander in addition to commanding appropriate emergency incidents.

Previous roles include; Head of Community Risk at both Group Manager and Area Manager level with responsibility for establishing strategy, directing and implementing all prevention (community safety), protection (enforcement of Legislative Fire Safety) activity and managing strategic partnerships in addition to driving change. Significant experience also been gained as the Corporate Communications Manager with the remit for internal/external communications including organisational reputation management. Prior experience at various management levels includes; Learning and Development (Training), Fire Safety, as an experienced inspecting officer (Legislative Fire Safety) and Operational response as a (emergency response) shift manager at all levels.

More recently, Steve has taken over as Chair of the NFCC PPE and Clothing Committee.

NFCC PPE/Clothing Committee

The NFCC PPE and Clothing Committee is a relatively new operational committee established to ensure fire and rescue services collaborate and agree specifications for all items of PPE, so that they are able to source modern, fit for purpose PPE and Clothing. This is achieved through a regional network of representatives and accredited work groups.

The primary purpose of the Committee, through completion of nationally agreed risk assessments, being to ensure all fire and rescue staff are able to undertake their various roles, being in the operational arena, undertaking prevention or protection activities or going about daily activities in PPE and clothing that both affords the best possible levels of protection and is both effective and efficient.

To this end the committee, on behalf of the sector, plays an active role in working with the various British, European and international Standards bodies in developing and agreeing any relevant PPE standards.

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