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National Firefighters PPE Project


It was agreed at the NFCC Council meeting in November (2023) to embark on a new project to ensure firefighters have ‘fit for purpose’ firefighting PPE, when current national contracts come to an end circa 2026.

Both the Central Protective Clothing Contract (CPCC) and the Collaborative PPE contracts are coming towards the end of their terms and need replacement.  There are 37 Fire and Rescue Services (FRSs) across these contracts, which represents a significant portion of the sector, additionally there are other FRSs who will need new arrangements within these timescales.

fireservices ppe
firefighter holding helmet - ICCS/CAD Supplier and Sector day

New Challenges for PPE

There are many new challenges facing firefighters PPE and it is the intention of this project to find suitable solutions to these challenges.   Funding has been made available to undertake appropriate research to aid the decision making process.

Project Team

  • NFCC Lead Officer – CFO Mark Baxter, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Project Sponsor – ACFO Steve Topham, Chair NFCC PPE and Clothing committee
  • Project Lead – Brett Egan-Briers, Vice-Chair NFCC PPE and Clothing committee
  • Technical Lead – Brett Egan-Briers, Vice-Chair NFCC PPE and Clothing committee
  • Commercial Lead – Sarah Walsh, National Category Lead; PPE and Clothing

Early Engagement Session; 7th December 2023 – (soft launch)

The project was introduced to suppliers via an MS team’s presentation which can be viewed, along with the slides below: