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Graph example

The Procurement Hub issued a survey to all FRSs requesting information in relation to their future Emergency Response Vehicle requirements.  Whilst the majority of FRSs have provided data, not all FRSs have provided the Procurement Hub with this information.  The number of procurements and associated vehicles (see graphs) is only an indication and represents each FRSs planned activity at the time of collecting the data and this is therefore subject to change.  The data currently published was collated in the summer of 2022.

Moving forwards, the Procurement Hub plan to refresh this data every six months (anticipated updates in March and September of each year).

Graph 1 

Graph 1 shows the number of planned ‘procurements’ each month.  This can be filtered by the ‘Vehicle Type’ and its also possible to filter further by the proposed route to market – after selecting ‘Vehicle Type’ a legend will pop up at the bottom, you can toggle these on/off to show data specifically in relation to particular routes to market.

Vehicle Type

Graph 2

Graph 2 shows the estimated number of vehicles to be purchased via these procurements.  Graph 2 can be changed in the same way as Graph 1. 

The number of vehicles shown is the full potential of vehicles that may be purchased under that procurement and not necessarily the number of vehicles that will be committed to upon award, i.e. an FRS may issue an ITT for a maximum of 20 Pumping Appliances with the intention of calling-off 5 per year for the next four years – in this example a total of 20 vehicles would be included in the data even though the FRS may only commit to 5 vehicles upon award of the contract.

Vehicle Type