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Professional Services

Services provided by a certified member of a professional body or consultancy which may not be available internally.

Image credit: Women in the Fire Service UK

An introduction to Professional Services

Professional Services are defined as services that are provided by a certified member of a professional body and consultancy services who provide expert advice within a particular field which may not be available internally. Additionally, training defined as teaching, or developing skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies with specific goals of improving one’s capability, capacity, productivity and performance.

Image credit: Women in the Fire Service UK


Membership of Fire & Rescue Indemnity Company Limited (FRIC) is for UK Fire and Rescue Authorities; regardless of their governance arrangements. Member Authorities commit to work together to reduce the frequency and cost of risk related incidents through improved risk management. FRIC is a “mutual” company where each Member Authority contributes to a fund, which is used to pay for claims, claims handling, supporting insurance for higher value claims and the Mutual’s business overheads. FRIC Members also have a strong commitment to working together to improve their risk management arrangements and reduce incidents and the overall cost of claims. They use claims data to direct risk management efforts where it will have the biggest impact in reducing future costs. 

FRIC aims to:

  • Reduce the direct and indirect cost of losses
  • Avoiding sudden significant increases in the cost of risk protection
  • Working collaboratively to improve risk management arrangements to reduce the risk of incidents and claims
  • Improving claims investigation and handling to reduce the cost of claims
  • Analysing and sharing data to focus risk management activity
  • Documenting and benchmarking risk management arrangements and aspiring to meet best practice

Further information can be obtained from the FRIC Chairman Mike Clayton ( or the Mutual Manager Dan Williams (

Please see useful documents for additional information.

Meet the Professional Services team

Chris Strickland

Chief Sponsor Professional Services Category

Chris has worked in the fire and rescue service for over 37 years, and has been a principal officer since 2007 when he joined Cambridgeshire FRS from Hertfordshire.

Full biography

Tracey Stradling

Professional Services Category Lead

During her career Tracey has overseen a range of major and complex procurements including, BA replacement, new vehicles, the combined fire control and a range of service contracts.

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