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PPE and Clothing Specifications

This area has been developed to ensure that Nationally developed PPE specifications are available to ensure that consistent levels of protection are afforded across the fire sector. In addition, by utilising these specifications, the advantages of both inter and intra operability can be realised, ensuring collaborative working arrangements are not hindered by differing levels of protection.

Furthermore, collaborative purchasing to a standard specification can optimise opportunities for efficiency savings; whilst maintaining the safety of firefighters.

It is important to understand that product standards (BS, EN or ISO) alone will not necessarily provide the protection required by the end users. Many product standards have varying levels of performance which need to be determined by those providing PPE for their employees.

Equally, the minimum levels of protection contained within a product standard may not be sufficient to meet the actual requirements needed as an outcome of the PPE risk assessment, as required by The PPE at Work Regulations 1992. The PPE risk assessment can be viewed here.