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PPE and Clothing

Much has been delivered for the Sector for clothing and PPE. The category has grown significantly, which is focussed on £18m/annum.

An introduction to PPE and clothing

The scope of the clothing category is broad, covering a range of items from gas tight suits, to uniforms and ceremonial wear. The category has been divided into the following subcategories:

  • PPE
  • Workwear
  • Specialist Firefighting PPE

The current landscape is mixed across the sub-categories with a range of approaches in terms of routes to market and number of suppliers within each product area. Analysis of historic and pipeline spend data has identified opportunities to consolidate the clothing solution for each sub-category, aggregating supply and demand on a national level and leveraging volumes to enable savings and reduce third party spend across the Sector.

PPE and clothing in numbers

  • 4 million

    units of COVID PPE have been coordinated by the Hub

  • 33,000

    wearers of structural PPE

  • £ 145,000

    saved for the UKFRS

  • 13,500

    wearers of national workwear

The future of PPE and clothing procurement

At the end of July 2021 we saw over 13,500 wearers of national work wear, following the successful launch of the new agreement, which is tracking at approximately 20% less than market rates. We are now live with a procurement for a national arrangement for specialist PPE, with an estimated spend of £98m over an 8 year period.

The Future Fire Fighter

NFCC PPE and Clothing Committee are delighted to have obtained funding from the Home Office Commissioning Hub for the Future Firefighter Concept project. This research based project will look at fire service uniform and personal protective equipment (excluding respiratory protection) to ensure that it is fit for purpose leading into 2030 and beyond.

The Future Fire Fighter

How we work

Firefighters PPE is classified as complex PPE and as such there is much to be gained from collaboration and standardisation of this important equipment.  With standardisation comes a higher level of knowledge and experience, from right across the sector; this knowledge and understanding ensures that wearers safety is always at the forefront of user requirements based upon robust and relevant risk assessment processes. 

This collaboration and standardisation also ensures that Fire and Rescue Services maintain compliance with legislation and regulations applicable to PPE; such as, the Health and Safety at Work Act, PPE at Work Regulations and COSHH regulation. 

Collaborative PPE Project

Furthermore standardisation brings with it the ability of greater inter and intra-operability allowing dynamic planning with neighbouring Fire and Rescue Services as well as other blue light agencies as well as built in resilience.

Collaboration assist with sustainability of products by having a circularity ability as the PPE can to be moved from wearer to wearer, region to region (where applicable). 

There is, of course, an economic benefit in collaboration where aggregation of demand drives keener pricing.  However, this saving can also be used to provide better and more efficient care and maintenance programmes.

PPE and clothing resources

Useful resources and downloads for anything relating to PPE and clothing.

Meet the PPE and clothing team

Ann Millington

Chair of the NFCC Procurement Hub, Chief Sponsor, Clothing/PPE Category

Ann is the NFCC Strategic Procurement Lead, Sponsor of the NFCC Procurement Hub and Category Sponsor for the ‘Clothing’ category.

Full biography

Sarah Walsh

Clothing and PPE Category Manager

Since joining Kent Fire and Rescue Service as a Category Officer for Operations, Sarah has been part of the Strategic Management Team for Collaborative PPE.

Full biography

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