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MAIT Procurement

MAIT Procurement

In June 2017, 72 people tragically lost their lives at the Grenfell tower in London. The Phase 1 Inquiry determined that communications could have been improved between the multiple emergency services that attended the devastating scene, with each declaring a major incident at different times, without that information being shared across blue light services. 

MAIT Procurement

Recommendation 33.16 of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 report states: ‘that steps be taken to investigate methods by which assisting control rooms can obtain access to the information available to the host control room.’ 

In 2020, colleagues from the Home Office secured grant funding with the stated aim of using it ‘towards the initial costs of providing the Multi Agency Incident Transfer (MAIT) system to all English Fire Control and a period of running costs’

Following confirmation of the grant funding, the NFCC Procurement Hub have been working closely with colleagues in the Fire Sector and the Home Office over the past couple of years on a project for the delivery of a Multi Agency Incident Transfer (MAIT) solution to all of the English Fire and Rescue Services. 

The MAIT Open Standard solution delivers on Recommendation 33.16 of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1, enabling Emergency Services control rooms to securely pass and receive critical incident information to and from other Emergency Services simultaneously in a standardised format, ultimately reducing the time taken to respond to emergency calls.

We are very pleased announce that we have now successfully awarded the first National Framework of its kind for the delivery of MAIT and are excited to be working with A.V.R Group Ltd as the successful supplier over the coming months to start implementing MAIT into the Fire Sector. 

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