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CCS Aggregation opportunities and lunch and learns

Crown Commercial Service Aggregation Opportunities

The impact of emerging geopolitical events and continuous significant global economic and financial challenges have been having a knock-on effect on the supply market as a whole, and technology has not escaped this. The impact on the ICT category includes issues such as:

  • decreased availability of end-user devices;
  • increased end-user costs;
  • decreased appetite for resellers to commit to pricing, or longer term contracts for hardware

Resulting in

  • availability of both labour and component parts;
  • increased manufacture, import and logistics costs;
  • fluctuating market;
  • increased demand and pressure on manufacturers

There will undoubtedly be a lasting impact on the technology market (both hardware and software) into 2023 and beyond, and these increased costs shall understandably be passed on to the buyer.

Technology aggregation opportunities at a national level greatly assist public sector customers to mitigate cost increases and confront market challenges in a more unified and coordinated manner, thus leading to better commercial results.

Crown Commercial Service (‘CCS’) regularly undertake aggregated procurements across various categories of spend, including but not limited to ICT.

Further information on the CCS aggregation opportunities

Commodity Hardware

CCS Lunch and Learn Sessions

Crown Commercial Services have now moved to weekly lunch and learn sessions due to the success of the bi-monthly sessions. 

Please do register to come along for these easy access bite sized sessions direct with CCS subject matter experts to share insight and answer your questions.

Should you wish to take part in these sessions, please kindly contact in order to receive an invite.

CCS Lunch & Learn (Summer Term May-July)

  • Join us around the virtual lunch table for conversations on category market insight, trends, commercial strategies FQAs.
  • Come meet our team of commercial experts who sit behind the products and services.
  • Help shape future sessions by letting us know what you would like to explore from Sept to Jan 24

“Schools out for Summer!”…..Back in Sept 2023

You Said, We Did

  • Lunch & Learns are designed by you to access and share mutual government commercial insight.
  • Thursdays are less busy, can we meet then? Yes, we will trial Thursdays
  • Can the session be later over lunch? Yes, we will trial pushing back to 12.30 -13:15
  • I cant always attend, can you send me a recording? We are in the process of requesting the record functionality    
  • Can I have a forward look of topics of discussion? Yes Below is a list of upcoming sessions (menu below)

Lunch Menu

July 2023

  • Thu 20th – Exploring the benefits of a water aggregation with Patricia Byrne​
  • Thu 27th – Procurement Essentials: What is a Framework & How to write a specification with Pro Ops