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Urgent Laser Announcement – Gas Supply Information

You may have already received the following notification, if not please read the Laser announcement below.  In addition, Elli Nikolaou is leading on discussions with the Crown Commercial Service and Home Office regarding regulation of energy prices as a result of the impact from the conflict in Ukraine.  Blue Light Commercial will be joining Elli to meet with colleagues in Central Government in the coming days to discuss how Ofgem will be supporting organisations affected.

Further updates will follow.

Laser Announcement

Dear Customer,

Please note, following the catastrophic events taking place in Ukraine, LASER has taken action to investigate whether there are any Russian links to our customers gas supplies.

We want to reassure you that your LASER gas contracts have no direct link with Russia. However, Russia does supply a large amount of gas into Europe and therefore we are in the process of asking our major Gas suppliers (TGP, Corona & SSE) if there are any indirect links within their supply chain. We will share their responses once we have received them.

Please note with immediate effect, LASER has suspended Gazprom from our fixed price existing Gas framework and we will not be including them in future contracting opportunities. Gazprom are not part of our flexible gas or electricity supply frameworks.

We will issue a further update shortly along with an FAQ document detailing responses to key customer questions.

Kind Regards

Nigel Hartnup
Director of Energy
Laser Energy