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Update: Safe & Well Equipment, OSB and Defibrillators

Framework Agreement for Emergency Response Equipment (ERE) and Associated Services

With costs continuing to increase on transport, fuel, energy, parts, and materials it has been agreed with the suppliers on the ERE Framework that it would now be prudent to review the current maximum prices offered on the ERE Framework Catalogue. The reasoning for this is that suppliers are still in the recovery phase following the pandemic and are now faced with other supply uncertainties associated with the conflict in Ukraine. The first price review was due to take place in August 2022 but based upon feedback from the suppliers and the current market conditions we decided that it would not be appropriate to wait until this time.

We are predicting that following this exercise there will be increases to some of the current Framework Catalogue prices. However, where possible suppliers have already indicated that they will attempt to minimise the impact and not automatically pass on all additional operating/raw material costs to the Sector.

All the Framework suppliers have been asked to submit any revised pricing (if applicable) complete with supporting evidence for our consideration. If approved both parties will then sign a contract variation form confirming that the revised pricing will remain in place until the end of July 2022, when there will be another review as originally planned.

Once the signed contract variation forms are completed there will be a further communication to the sector to confirm any amendments to the Framework pricing and the rationale as to why they were accepted.

Please note that any price increases to the maximum Catalogue prices may in turn affect call off contracts placed under the ERE Framework.

Safe and Well Equipment Framework Update – Lot 6 Rubber Mats

Thomas Kneale, the supplier for Lot 6 – Rubber Mats on the Safe and Well Equipment Framework, have regrettably informed us that they have had to reduce the available sizes of mats from five to three. This is due to an increase in production costs and high minimum order quantities that won’t be met by the Sector’s requirements.

The available sizes will now be as follows:

Item Product
1.1 Rubber Mat size 60cm x 90cm
1.2 Rubber Mat size 90cm x 150cm
1.3 Rubber Mat size 120cm x 85cm

Orient Strand Board (OSB) Framework Update

A price review is currently being undertaken with suppliers. The information being received back from suppliers and manufacturers of OSB is that the market is volatile once again. This is due to timber being a construction material and rising costs in other areas as discussed in the ERE framework update. Suppliers and manufacturers can not commit now to holding prices for a long period, some are stating only a few weeks again. It would be good practice to review your current arrangements and speak with your current OSB supplier for an update on the situation even if your service is not using the framework. A further update will follow once the review is concluded.

Defibrillator Update

Martek Lifecare, who currently supply West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) with defibrillators and ancillary items have recently provided an update on the current market conditions. In June 2021 worldwide supplies of defibrillators fell and this was due to semiconductor, plastic and even paper shortages. Martek themselves work with a technical partner in the US to manufacturer their defibrillators and to increase capacity their partner has increased its parts suppliers from one to three. This has caused delays in production as there is a long vetting process within the US to get supply partners approved through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Martek are now currently fulfilling back orders of defibrillators from October 2021 and their US manufacturer is stating that they should be back on track within 3 months.

Martek have sufficient stocks of adult long life AED pads but are experiencing difficulties in the supply of batteries due to component shortages. WMFS has been advised to review its stock holding for the batteries and to place an order ASAP, as the lead time is 10 weeks.

Any Services utilising Martek or any other provider for Defibrillator supplies may also want to check their stocks of ancillary items and place any orders ASAP, as this appears to be a global issue.

Further Information

For further information please contact Liz Davies at West Midlands Fire Service:
Tel: 0121 380 6179

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