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Upcoming opportunities for aggregated competition for Hardware, mobile voice & data services and Microsoft licencing

Commodity Hardware Aggregation

You have the opportunity to purchase any hardware items within scope of the Technology Products and Associated Services agreement, including laptops, mobiles, tablets and servers for example. This will be a 12 month call off contract, with goods being delivered between July 2022 and July 2023.

Please find below link to further details on timings: Event – Aggregation: IT Hardware Summer 2022 – CCS (

Your requirements need to be submitted by 15th June 22– this essentially consists of your specification and delivery time scales.
As National Procurement Hub ICT Category Lead, I am happy to assist any Service that would like to take part in this, please get in contact for further information or assistance.

The previous event that took place in March 22 awarded successfully and achieved 23% savings on a £3m spend across 5 public sector entities; this included a fire service, NHS, a central government department and a charity.There are still long lead times for goods, so it is strongly advised that customers plan ahead, and build the lead times into requirements.

How the latest IT hardware aggregation saved customers up to 23% on tech products – Crown Commercial Service.

Mobile Voice and Data Services

This aggregation is being run in October 2022, under Lot 6 of the Network Services 2 framework agreement.
Event – Aggregation: Mobile voice and data services Autumn 2022 – CCS (

Final requirements need to be submitted by 1st September 22Migration to a new supplier can be phased over a 12 month period to mitigate issues with early termination of existing connections.

The most recent aggregation achieved an average saving of 73% , compared to their current rates, which is significant! In total, this aggregation achieved a £1.2m saving for participants.

Microsoft Autumn 2022

This covers all Microsoft licencing products. Whilst the public sector already receive preferential public sector pricing under the MOU put in place by CCS, there is further scope to save a further 2 – 3.5% through an aggregated competition.

This Autumn is for all enrolments that fall between 30th September 2022 and 1st January 2023.Final requirements need to be submitted by 30th June 22 Event – Aggregation: Microsoft Autumn 2022 (NFC149) – CCS (

If your enrolments fall between 31st December 2022 and 1st April 2023, or March to July 23 then you can get involved in the Winter or summer aggregation Event – Aggregation: Microsoft Winter 2022 – CCS ( – Aggregation: Microsoft Spring 2023 – CCS (

Should you have any questions on the above, please contact me via the Contact Us form on this website