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Transforming Public Procurement

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Part 1 of the consultation closed at 11:45pm on 28 July 2023

View part 2 of the consultation

Part 1 Consultation on draft regulations to implement the Procurement Bill

We are pleased to advise that the public consultation on the secondary legislation required to implement the new public procurement regime established by the Procurement Bill has now opened.

This is a technical consultation, split into two parts. This first part of the consultation refers predominantly to areas of the Bill which require lists, calculations or further definitions to be used in practice. Questions seek to understand to what extent the draft secondary legislation provisions implement the policy intent as established in the Bill.  The second part of the consultation will cover the transparency provisions and notices that will be used by Contracting Authorities to fulfil their legal requirements under the Act; it will also include information on the proposed approach to transitional arrangements for procurements already underway at the time that the new regime enters into force and the position on other legislation that will need to be amended in order for the full provisions of the Act to take effect.

The consultation is being conducted online, and you can find all relevant information, and the mechanism to respond, via our dedicated page on The page contains the consultation document, the draft Statutory Instrument, and a link to the survey questionnaire for you to feed back views and comments. 

Part 1 of the consultation opened today and will close at 11:45pm on 28th July 2023.  Part 2 is expected to launch in July 2023 – further details will be provided in due course.

Opportunities to find out more

The Transforming Public Procurement landing page on is the repository for a range of information about the programme including a recording from our recent webinar series, details of our L&D package, and guidance documents to help planning and preparation, and outlining of the benefits of the new regime for suppliers.  

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