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Procurement Policy Note (PPN) updates

Action Note 03/23                            February 2023

Policy Note PPN 03/23 – updated standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ) effective from 1st April 2023.

This Procurement Policy Note (PPN) updates the Selection Questionnaire (SQ) and accompanying statutory guidance. The amendments are based on feedback from buyers and suppliers to improve the supplier selection process and reflect changes to the policy. This PPN replaces PPN 08/16.

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Action Note 05/23                           May 2023

Policy Note PPN 05/23 – changes to public procurement obligations arising out of the UK’s new Free Trade Agreements with Australia & New Zealand.

Pursuant to the secondary legislation which came into effect on 25th May 2023, this Procurement Policy Note (PPN) sets out a summary of amendments to the UK’s Public Procurement Regulations, and more specifically provisions relating to calculating contract values, the release of Prior Information Notices (PIN) under certain circumstances and termination of contracts. The amendments set out within this PPN 05/23 must be complied with by all Contracting Authorities and they will apply to all new procurements post 25th May 2023; not just those involving Australian and New Zealand suppliers.

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Action Note 06/23                           June 2023

Policy Note PPN 06/23 – sets out the purpose, scope and application of the Cabinet Office’s Commercial Playbooks.

Following the successful launch of the Sourcing Playbook in February 2019, in response to lessons learned following the collapse of Carillion in January 2018, the Cabinet Office has released three (3) additional Playbooks and accompanying guidance, covering Consultancy, Construction and Data and Technology (DDaT). This PPN 06/23 replaces and consolidates PPN 02/22, PPN 03/21, PPN 09/20 and PPN 05/20.

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Action Note 08/23                           August 2023

Policy Note PPN 08/23 – provides links to the three (3) model contracts published by the Government Commercial Function (GCF) and the Government Legal Department (GLD), in support of the Cabinet’s Office Sourcing Playbook, with the view of assisting public sector organisations to standardise terms and conditions of contract and maximise value for money for the public purse.

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