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Lithium Exports China – Supply Chain Update

Due to weak water flows and the resulting inability of hydroelectric facilities to continue operations, the Chinese Ministry of Waste Resources issued an order this week based on which the operation of factories in 19 regions will be suspended until at least next Saturday 26th August as a means of rationing power.

One of these regions (Sichuan) is a key manufacturer and exporter of lithium, one of the key components of electric batteries.

Furthermore, two major aluminium factory units in the same Chinese region have also suspended operations. It is expected that there will be a notable impact on supply availability considering the fact that China is the largest exporter of aluminium and aluminium by-products. If you have any questions relating to this information please contact Elli Nikolaou, National Category Lead for FM & Construction @

You will also be able to meet Elli at the Emergency Services Show on 21st & 22nd September, please see the Upcoming Events tab on this page to book a slot.