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Dear All,

Please kindly be advised that since the Government announced the introduction of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme for businesses and non-domestic customers (including public sector organisations), there are several reported cases of emails received, seemingly from energy suppliers, regarding changes to contracts and basket prices which seek to extract and/or access financial and other confidential information.

Please be aware that these are online scams, and any links contained therein must not be opened. If you or anyone else within your organisation receives any such email, please delete it immediately and report it to your relevant ICT departments. Phone calls have also been received seeking to extract information whilst alleging they are contacting you on behalf of your energy provider. In the event you or anyone else within your organisation receives such a call, please hang up and follow internal reporting procedures.

Changes on your energy invoices from November 2022 to the October 2022 consumption period will be applied automatically by your supplier. They will not be making direct contact.

Please share across your respective organisations and relevant partners.

Kind Regards, Elli Nikolaou NFCC National Category Lead (FM & Construction)