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Datanet 2a Firefighter Alerters

NFCC ICT Category Chief Sponsor

NFCC have been made aware that there are current issues with the supply of Datanet 2a Firefighter alerters. There is a growing concern that Datanet are ceasing trading and subsequently the production of alerters, due to the passing away of a Director/major shareholder.

To clarify, the alerters shall continue to be produced, albeit under an new Company name. Datanet are selling their alerter manufacturing equipment and Intellectual Property to an existing employee who shall continue production under her new Company identity.

Understandably this process shall take some time, and Datanet are trying to fulfil all orders as fast as they can whilst this transition takes place. As with all technology, they are also being affected by a shortage of components, which has added to the delays.

In the meantime, there will undoubtedly be supply issues representing a risk to each FRS that utilises these devices. As such, in order to mitigate these risks, manage stock availability equitably across the sector, and act as a single point of contact for all Fire and Rescue Services, I have requested that our NFCC ICT Category Lead, Sally Conquest, manages this process.

Sally has been liaising with Datanet and will engage each of the services going forward to understand current stock levels, and imminent requirements, and shall communicate any updates on progress directly to those affected.

Please can you ensure that your ICT colleagues get in touch in the first instance to enable discussions.If your service does not use these alerters, please do ignore this message.