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Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) update on Capita SSS and NEC Software Solutions.

In March 2022 an inquiry was launched to investigate whether NEC’s acquisition of Capita SSS has resulted in the creation of a merger situation, which could substantially lessen competition within the market in which it operates.Phase 1 of the investigation looked at 4 elements of market supply, which included Computer Aided Despatch (CAD), Integrated Communication and Control Services (ICCS), Specialised rostering software (Duties) and Records Management Systems (RMS).The CMA concluded that they have concerns regarding three of the four system types above, which are deemed to be potentially impacted by the merger, and requested further information from both parties, and published the below press release.

CMA finds competition concerns in merger of emergency service software suppliers – GOV.UK (

The Phase 1 decision notice can be found here: Summary of phase 1 decision (

On 12th May, a decision was then made to refer the merger to a Phase 2 investigation, with an end date of 26th October 2022.

The CMA publish updates on their page here: NEC Software Solutions UK / Capita Secure Solutions and Services merger inquiry – GOV.UK (, so please do view if you wish to obtain further information.

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