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Blog 3 ISO Committee Japan

Day 3 of the ISO meetings has thankfully been less intense; focusing on the helmet and footwear parts of the ISO 11999 series of standards.

Certainly, significantly less comments than previous days and more focused on editorial changes as opposed technical detail.

Main focus of discussions for the helmet standard revolved around ease of cleaning, weight limitations and appropriate range of sizes to accommodate all head forms and hairstyles.  

The discussion on the footwear standard focused on the balance between weight and flexibility and that of protection particularly penetration resistance.  The UK have requested that not only is the level of protection against penetration be increased but that the test includes both a cold nail (current) and a hot nail test.

Tomorrow sees the last day of the project group meetings with the ‘General’ part of the standard being discussed in the morning.  The afternoon is set aside to the Working Group meetings where the changes and resolutions from each of the project groups are voted upon and next steps agreed.