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Author: Jess Milford

Archived Posts

ISO Meeting – Day 4

Today’s meetings started with a visit to a nearby textile manufacturing facility; a really interesting visit to see the complex process in producing protective fabrics such as those used in our firefighting PPE.   Today’s working groups were WG 4 Hazmat, WG 5 Rescue and a WG 2 item specific to the ISO 11999 ensemble standard. … Continued

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ISO meeting – Day 3

Day 3 of the ISO meetings on Firefighters PPE focused entirely on ISO 11999-3.  This standard is for firefighters PPE for structural firefighting and continues the work on this document that began at the last meeting in Japan. Prior to Japan over 250 comments (60 pages) were received on the draft document and only a … Continued

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ISO Firefighters PPE Meeting- Day 2

Today’s meetings have discussed three specific areas wildland firefighting, compatibility of PPE and selection, use, care, and maintenance (SUCaM). The discussions within the wildland meeting focused on the need to revise the current wildland clothing standard EN ISO 15384, this document falls under the Vienna Agreement arrangements whereby CEN and ISO work in collaboration to … Continued

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