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Green Forum Calendar Initiatives

KFRS along with other local authorities is determined to support the current climate issues. As part of this, a green calendar was created highlighting key activities throughout the year, where colleagues can get involved and play their part in helping the environment:

For example; In September 2022 the initiative was a focus on recycling, in December 2022, KFRS colleagues were encouraged to ditch the single use wrapping paper for the Cut the wrap challenge and in January 2023 we are focusing on saving energy in our buildings:

red squirrel on tree branch - Green Forum Calendar Initiatives
Biodiversity Week: Animal Habits
August Biodiversity Week
child hands on a wooden kindling box - Green Forum Calendar Initiatives
Free family biodiversity events
Saturday 28th January (Cranbrook) & Saturday 11th February (Canterbury)
cows in a field - Green Forum Calendar Initiatives
Meat-Free May
green doodle of a family between a tree and a house on the planet - Green Forum Calendar Initiatives
Recycling Week
19-25 September
lit bulb next to small growing plant - Green Forum Calendar Initiatives
Saving energy in our buildings
Small actions that can add up to a big impact
two farmers pointing at some crops
Fairtrade Fortnight
27th February – 12th March 2023
Christmas present wrapped in cotton cloth - Green Forum Calendar Initiatives
#Cutthewrap this Christmas
Alternatives to single-use wrapping paper
ocean view from below the water level and looking up at 2 divers
Green Calendar: World Water Day
23rd March
Planet earth from space
Green Calendar: Earth Day
22nd April