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Biodiversity Week: Animal Habitats

The KFRS Climate Action Plan lead collaborated with International Biodiversity Consultants Ltd to research Biodiversity solutions across the estate. Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans were developed, supported by technical support for the selection, installation, and maintenance of various animal habitats. 

As part of a social value initiative, KFRS’s waste supply chain partner SUEZ UK supplied and part-funded 270 animal habitats (including bird boxes, bat boxes, insect hotels and even the occasional hedgehog home) and a Biodiversity week was arranged with KFRS to coincide with National Allotments Week – Bugs, Bees and Broccoli in August 2022.

Station teams got involved and assisted with installing habitats across KFRS, which ‘Green Volunteers’ are responsible for upkeeping.

Suez UK social channel description and images - Biodiversity Week
Kirstie Loft social channel still with images of her with protective gear - Biodiversity Week