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Green Forum

Welcome to the new Procurement Hub Green Forum page!

Here we’d love to share case studies of best practice, ‘green’ initiatives and would love to know what you’ve been doing across the sector to keep colleagues involved and drive behaviour change.

We want to fill this page with case studies from all FRSs, and have added a few from Kent to start the ball rolling…

🦔 Installed 270 animal habitats across the estate during a Biodiversity Week

🐛 Run free biodiversity events for colleagues’ families – bug hunts and making bird feeders from recycled materials

🌳Taken part in the Queen’s Green Canopy tree planting initiative

🍂 Set up Litter Pick events at local public spaces with our supply partners

🦋 Manage a monthly ‘green calendar’ communicating key messages activities throughout the year, where colleagues can get involved and play their part in helping the environment

We’d love to get a regular forum meeting set up across the sector so that we can actively share ideas and initiatives.

If you have case studies that you can share, and/or would be interested in joining a regular forum, please get in touch:

Avon Fire & Rescue Service & London Fire Brigade: Environment Matters e-learning module

Avon Fire &amp; Rescue Service and London Fire Brigade worked together with Rio Learn in 2019 to develop an e-learning module about the environmental issues at Fire &amp; Rescue Service sites. Our aim was to establish a basic understanding amongst all staff of environmental issues and legislation relevant to fire service sites, so they are &hellip; <a href="">Continued</a>

Biodiversity Week: Animal Habitats

The KFRS Climate Action Plan lead collaborated with International Biodiversity Consultants Ltd to research Biodiversity solutions across the estate. Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans were developed, supported by technical support for the selection, installation, and maintenance of various animal habitats. 

Free Biodiversity Events for KFRS Families

In support of Biodiversity week at KFRS, qualified Park Ranger and Green Forum member Matt O’Rourke ran a free ‘Bug Hunt’ event at SHQ over the summer.

Biodiversity Week: Queen's Green Canopy

As part of our commitment to our Climate Action Plan and our carbon neutral target, KFRS took part in the ‘Queen’s Green Canopy’.

Green Forum Calendar Initiatives

KFRS along with other local authorities is determined to support the current climate issues.

Litter Pick events at Local Public Spaces

As part of a Social Value Initiative and to support our Climate Action Plan, KFRS arranged a litter-pick event in conjunction with Folkestone and Hythe Council and supply chain partners, Suez.